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Here are some of Cornwalls tide times in one click. Super fast and easy time times, so you can get surfing, sailing or fishing in no time.

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More Information on Tides

What tide time is best for surfing in Newquay? As the tide comes in, the surf generally becomes larger, and waves are closer together and often steeper, too. When the tide is further out the waves are generally smaller, further apart and break over longer distances.

What tide time is best for fishing in Mevagissey? Two hours after high tide is the best time for catching mackerel. When a spring high tide coincides with dusk, you tend to catch lots of fish in Mevagissey. Giant shoals of mackerel often come into Cornish harbours like Mevagissey in the early summer months of May and June. Sea fish are very affected by the tide, and the tide times change the surf at Newquay too. It’s important to be aware of the tide times so you can keep safe while spending time by the sea.

Is there a beach at Gorran Haven at high tide?

Gorran Haven has a beach at high and low tide, however the beach at high tide is very small and can become crowded in the summer months. You can harbour jump from Gorran Haven at high tide, although caution is always advised.

Is the surf better at high tide in Newquay?

As the tide pushes in at Newquay, waves break closer together and become larger and often cleaner and peel more nicely. At the top of a high tide, surf sometimes turns to beach dump because the waves peak too much and are breaking closer in to shore. It’s not unusual for the surf to die completely at the top of the tide, it’s when the tide is pushing in that the surf is usually best in Newquay.

Can you surf at Newquay or Fistral at low tide?

Yes, of course you can surf at low tide, but often the waves are better as the tide is pushing in, rather than retreating. Body boarders will enjoy the waves closer to high tide more, as they become steeper for a faster ride.

Is it better to fish at Mevagissey at high tide?

Mevagissey is generally a much better place to fish at high tide, with most of the mackerel in summer being caught when a high tide (especially a spring high tide) coincides approximately with dusk. However, Mevagissey was settled all those centuries ago because the water becomes deep very quickly, so it’s perfectly possible to fish at low tide, with plenty of dog fish around at night, and more…

Are there more weaver fish at low tide?

Yes, you’re much more likely to step on a weaver fish at low tide, because at high tide the water often becomes deeper more quickly so you spend less time stepping on the seabed, and also because weavers tend to be further out at high tide, and closer in as the tide goes out to expose them. How do you get rid of weaver stings? Simply put your foot in the hottest water you can tolerate, and the proteins in the venom will be denatured and ineffective. It’s a very successful and immediate treatment.  

Why do tide times matter?

Tide times are important for safety and all kinds of recreation that involve the sea. Without knowledge of tide times, you could be sucked out to see or find yourself if a dangerous situation being stranded on the rocks. Tide times matter to surfers, because they change how the waves behave. To fisherman, they make the difference between catching fish or having to lie about catching fish. To sailers, windsurfers, snorklists, divers, swimmers, rowers and everyone at the beach, they matter a lot.

For homeowners in Mevagissey, a spring high tide combined with stormy conditions can cause problems with flooding and damage to property, and more than once or twice people have been kayaking through the streets of Mevagissey! A new moon or full moon in Mevagissey means flooding is a moderate risk, as that’s when the sun and moon align, creating enough gravitational force to bring about a spring tide like this one…

Are tides dangerous in Newquay?

Tides in Cornwall aren’t that big (compared to somewhere like the Channel Islands especially), but it’s safer to go out boating when the tide is pushing in, rather than having the drift going against you. It’s riptides that you need to be aware of, find out more safety information about rips here.

Can I get to Polstreath beach at high tide?

Yes, some of Polstreath beach near Mevagissey can be accessed at high tide, the beach is more stoney and the water deeper. It’s certainly a much better beach at low tide.

Beaches Near Mevagissey

Be sure to visit the beaches near Mevagissey, there are numerous sheltered coves as well as more expansive beaches like Pentewan and Carlyon Bay (Crinnis). The closest beaches to Mevagissey by foot are Polstreath and X. Polstreath is a difficult but short walk involving 200 steps down a cliff to a rugged beach. X is a humbler beach and is just over the hill, there’s an excellent walk across the headland to the west. By car, Pentewan, Gorran Haven and Carhyaes are the closest beaches, and you can see the full list of the best beaches in the area here.