Mevagissey Parking

Where can I park in Mevagissey?

Mevagissey has several car parks, including Sunny Corner, Church Street and one on Mevagissey Harbour itself. The largest is Willow Car & Coach Park on the left hand side of the main road into the village.

‘I just want to park quick and get out this damn car’: Go to ‘Willow Car & Coach Park’. It’s on the left as you enter Mevagissey via the mainroad.

Look out for this sign if you don’t mind a short walk into the village…

When parking in Mevagissey, you have several car parks to choose from. The best one for an easy time is Willow Car & Coach park, which has lots of space. Willow Car & Coach carpark is a 5-minute walk into the village.

‘I want a disabled parking space’: Park in either Church Street, Mevagissey Harbour or Sunny Corner.

‘I want the cheapest car park so I have money for ice cream’: Park anywhere except the harbour. Prices may change but they’re all roughly the same.

Driving in Mevagissey itself is something you’d be wise to avoid, as the roads are narrow. Mevagissey parking is straight forward in that Willow Car & Coach park is clearly visible on the left-hand side as you approach Mevagissey via the main road.

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