The Weather in Mevagissey: What to Expect

Cornwall is the only part of the UK classified as sub-tropical, due to it’s exposure to the gulf stream, which raises the temperature on land year round.

The clean air and reflection of light from the sea also makes Cornwall one of the brightest places in the UK, so even when the sun’s not out Cornwall often feels summery. For this reason, sunny days in Cornwall have a heavenly glow that’s helped make Cornwall a famous destination for artists like Barbara Hepworth.

When you enter the water on a Cornish beach, although certainly a cool freshen-up, you’re entering water that’s drifted at about 2m/s from the Gulf of Mexico. This makes Cornish swimming a very different experience to swimming further up north (e.g. anywhere else) in the UK.

Mevagissey also gets sea mists in the mornings quite frequently, which are magical. If the weather isn’t on point while you’re here, check the weather on the North Coast, as it’s only an hour away but the weather can be very different.