Mevagissey Parking: Recommended Spots

There are five car parks to choose from. Here are your options…

Avoid the Narrow Streets: Willow Car Park

What is £2 extra for a more relaxed day out? This is the place for those thinking ‘I just want to park quick and get out this damn car!’. It’s on the left as you enter Mevagissey via the main road. Look out for this sign on the left hand side as you enter the village, the car park is hard to miss.

You’ll have a 7 minute walk into the village along the road. Willow & Coach Car Park has 300 spaces, meaning it’s doubtful it’s ever full. As of 2019, it’s about £5 for the whole day, or £8 over night. There are toilets in the nearby area and camper vans are allowed.

Cheap Car Parks

Sunny Corner Car Park (85 spaces)

Chapel Square, Mevagissey, Saint Austell PL26 6ST

Church Street Car Park (11 Spaces)

Church Street, 2 Chapel St, Mevagissey, PL26 6SS

River Street (50 Spaces) *max stay 3 hours

River Street, Mevagissey, PL26 6UE

Disabled Parking

  • For those with mobility issues it’s best to avoid Willow & Coach, which is 7 minutes into the village
  • Also avoid Church Street car park, which doesn’t have disabled parking.
  • All of the others are easy access – see details below (Sunny Corner, River Street, and the harbour have disabled parking).
  • Parking on the harbour means you have a short walk into the village.

Driving in Mevagissey itself is something you’d be wise to avoid, as the roads are narrow. Mevagissey parking is straight forward in that Willow Car & Coach park is clearly visible on the left-hand side as you approach Mevagissey via the main road. Mevagissey is particularly difficult to park in during the summer holidays, in winter you’ll have no problems at all. The village is quite small which means driving through it isn’t going to take too long, but it’s nicer for pedestrians if you choose not to drive through it. Your average speed will be about 2 pmh, also, which isn’t much fun. Less time parking, more time at the beach…

Where can I park in Mevagissey? Mevagissey has several car parks, including Sunny Corner, Church Street, River Street and one on Mevagissey Harbour itself. The largest is Willow Car & Coach Park on the left hand side of the main road into the village.

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