Top 5 Bass Lures UK: The Lure Bible

These are the top 5 bass lures, based on my experience fishing in Cornwall and beyond. If you’re a hardened lure angler you will be familiar with these, and if you’re just starting out ordering some of these is an excellent place to start with growing your tackle kit. If you’d like to contact me with any questions about bass lures or personal recommendations, please contact me at [email protected] This site earns commissions from Amazon if you buy through the links below.

ULTIMA STICK 4.5′ Rattle

This lure looks like an alien with its bizare ribs – which are supposed to help it create more vibrations in the water. The rattle of course is meant to help get attention too. Whether or not these features make a difference, I do not know, but this is a lure that snags big bass regardless.


Best For Murky Water

The Senko

Senko’s are often used to target wrasse fished weedless over rough ground, and they work well for bass too. Developed to target bass in the USA, the lure performs equally well in UK waters. Despite the lures simplicity, it catches fish. Bass will hit these lures even while deadsticking. If you consider the profile of a sandeel, they are essentially long and straight. This lure is more fish-like in its profile than you might imagine. Drop this off a ledge into a weedy gulley and see what hits you…


Best Value Bass Lure

6″ Dolive Stick

This is a straight tail lure with a subtle action that turns bass on when they are looking for an easy meal. Work it on the drop or with a gentle, twitchy retrieve. Rigged weedless with a size 5-0 hook, this lure is deadly over rough ground, teasing its way through gullies, boulders and kelp. If you think bass just want lures with loads of action and noise, think again. You’ll also pick up Wrasse with this lure, making it great for winter sessions when you’re hoping for bass but willing settle for a bulky Ballan.


Best For Slow Retrieve

Savage Gear Sandeel

Before the Fish Minnow was invented, this lure was up there with the most popular bass lures on the market. It’s large paddle tail dances through the water with big tail wag and an impressively life-like appearance. The lure is also made from tougher plastic than many other soft plastics, so it might live a little longer. Great for trolling from boats and jigging near wrecks. If you’re fishing near structure, the lack of a weedless design is problematic, and the Fish Minnow solves this problem. It’s not the cheapest paddle tail, but it is tried and tested and it still saves money over a Fish Minnow.


Best for boat fishing

bass lure
Xorus Patchinko II

You already have one of these so I don’t need to say anything. This is a fairly modern bass lure that will one day be a timeless old school classic. Work it ‘walk the dog’ style over the surface, spitting and popping back to you well away from snags but well in reach of bass, which love feeding off the surface in mid to late summer in the UK. Be careful using this lure when the water surface is choppy, because it will be harder for bass to locate when the water surface is disturbed beyond a certain point…


The Best Surface Lure

another bass lure
Fish Minnow

I wish this lure wasn’t so good. Then I’d be a bit richer, but alas, the Fish Minnow knows its worth. This paddle tail is the most realistic lure on the market, with a perfect action and design. It can be bounced along the bottom of an estuary, dropped into a wreck or worked fast over rough ground without snagging. It just works. The big problem with this lure is that it’s easy to just use it all the time, and that means you don’t develop your fishing by trying out other approaches which can also be successful. Everyone needs at least one of these in their tackle box, even if it’s just there to stop you blanking as a last resort.


The Best Bass Lure